The Importance Of Virtual Reality

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Virtual Reality is not (yet) about uploading your mind on a computer, as shown in great many movies. It is about getting your brain into believing, even for a quick moment, that it is somewhere else. According to NAE (2015), the user's brain should be convinced it has moved, although the environment around it doesn't change, because of the information given by all the senses, mainly sight, hearing, touch and motion sense.
The engineering challenge here, is to virtually change the environment around the user, which implies controlling what he hears and sees among other things, without causing “simulation sickness” (IQ Intel, 2016). As reported by Intel (2016), it was a very common feeling gamers had when they were trying to play a virtual reality game, but without
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It is then much easier to face your fear and more secure, for example, for those who are afraid of heights. Virtual reality is also very important to teach specific jobs, like piloting without the use of an actual plane. It is also a great way for researchers to learn more about the brain. Indeed, we've already talked about understanding the user's brain, but according to an MIT review (2015) virtual reality has been used to see into the mind of a mouse. Actually virtual reality did not directly allow that, there is a specific device that can analyze a mouse's nervous system, but to do so the mouse needs to be static. That is where virtual reality kicks in because it allows the mouse to do a variety of tests, like mazes for instance, without moving an inch.
Virtual reality already has many applications but there are more to come depending on the ingenuity of engineers and the progresses made in the different lines of technology involved. The greatest challenge being to immerse the user, which can still cause problems depending on the application, but solutions are already being engineered and might enter our homes soon

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