Government Regulation Of Media On Children Essay

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A boy lifts a jagged, pointy shard of glass from his pocket and traces it along a young boy’s throat because he made the wrong gesture to him. Suddenly, the boy vigorously slits his throat to solve the conflict. A child watching this screams until his voice is rid of fear. The child learns a new way to solve a dispute and pretends to slice his action figure’s neck mirroring the behavior from the boy on television. Violent acts on media outlets affect children in significant ways. Children watching violent media are prone to the negative effects and symptoms. While this infringes on the freedom of expression, the government should regulate violent media for children because children are observational learners, children become less fearful of the world, and it minimizes aggression in children. Some claim government regulation of violent media violates businesses and people’s right to freedom of expression and prevents viewers from seeing different types of content. Media companies and viewers feel like government regulation is taking away their freedom of expression to broadcast shows, movies, and stories to audiences. Regulations would not allow violent types of entertainment media for other audiences to enjoy like teenagers or adults. However, the government should not allow the media to broadcast …show more content…
A different boy watches a non-violent program that teaches the correct way to solve a problem through communication and sees the world as a place of opportunities awaiting him. Regulating violent media will help children learn the right lessons to solve problems, they will have less aggression, and see the world as a safe place. Media will raise today’s society of children into vicious monsters without the government regulating violent

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