Violent Imagery: Helpful Or Harmful

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Violent Imagery; Harmful or Helpful?

Whether people enjoy the screams of actors, cartoons, or digitally controlled voices in a videogame or movie, how would they react if it was the voice of a real human, in real pain? Nowadays sexual innuendos are considered a social-norm among audiences as young as what’s considered, “a baby” in today 's culture. Furthermore, the adolescents of today are completely aware of what was once “frowned upon” or “adults talk”. For example, Aggression in video games can increase the amount of bullying and fighting in schools as well as decrease the juvenile crime rate. The question is simple, if video games are decreasing juvenile crime, but increase school-wide violence, is violent imagery helpful or harmful?

In addition to school shootings and bullying, what other influences are being made on the minds of the children of today? As they enter into a red carpeted movie theater, are they putting their cognitive development at risk? “The objective of nearly every movie theater is to get teenage boys’ butt into seat … And that means going for as much violence and sex as you
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Those in belief that showing an adolescent risky demographics will be helpful should consider the consequences and factors that coincide with violent imagery. Overall, for both passive viewing (television and film) and interactive viewing (video and computer games), there seems to be consistent evidence of an association between younger children watching media violence and showing more aggressive play and behavior, though this is mainly short-term. From a developmental perspective, this evidence might be attributable to the child 's stage of cognitive development, in which abstract thought, characteristic of teenagers and adults, has not yet developed. (Browne, Kevin D., and Catherine Hamilton-Giachritsis

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