The Importance Of Violent Crime In High Schools

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According to the Institute of Education Sciences, there were a total of 1,420,900 crimes committed among high school students in 2013 alone; in addition, the violent crime rate at these schools was numbered at 62 percent. These staggering numbers show just how much illegal activity and violent crime that is being committed in high schools alone. Imagine the amount of innocent children being violated, hurt, or even killed. The people that are arrested for these crimes lose everything. They get expulsion, a bad record, and for some, even jail-time. This is a lose-lose situation. Whether you are the victim or the person committing the crime. Why can’t these schools just prevent these crimes from happening in the first place? These schools need a policy that will fix the …show more content…
From stopping crimes before they get out of hand to just preventing them in the first place, a behavior policy would not only keep the students out of harm’s way, but also stop the perpetrator before he or she does something drastic. Knowing this, Emmitt Smith High School is planning to put their foot down to the crimes and put the behavior policy in action. The policy has proven to have its downsides, with a good amount of people arguing that it will take away the student’s rights. However, Emmitt Smith High School needs the behavior policy because it’s essential in order to put an end to the illegal activity and to an example for not only other students, but also other children. Emmitt Smith High School needs to include the Behavior Policy because of the amount of illegal activity amongst the student body. Emmitt Smith High School has had a very large increase in the number of arrests that have occurred. The arrests have quadrupled in 8 years, going from

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