Definition Essay: My Point Of View Of Home

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Home; the definition varies between the person. Home can be a place, person, or an object really. Home is often times associated with where one resides or just the mother figure. Home can be your actual house or your city or maybe family pets. Who is to know what home actually? Home does not have to be an object, home can be an emotional aspect, a special feeling one gets. A feeling a comfort, safety, and pure happiness. Home is an emotion or feeling sparked by that certain “something”, that genuinely feels good. Reading many home type essays, I was able to get a different view of home in the eyes of others. My point of view on home became related to one.Joan Didion is in distraught over the distance between her and her family. She had moved …show more content…
Although I do not want to seem the selfish type, I was very upset. The major holiday celebrations were during the period of their leave. This also included the dinners we ate at their house twice a week. As Thanksgiving came around the corner, I was not as excited as need be. I felt awkward and unhappy, due to the fact that not only my grandparents had left but the other original 6 family members were not able to be there either. Thanksgiving consisted of less conversation, because the conversationalist of the family was not here. Thanksgiving also consisted of food that was not as good as my grandmothers. This holiday was no longer enjoyable for me. I did not even want to think about Christmas, especially because it would consist of this new routine that I was not okay with. My grandparents and family leaving may make the idea of home sound like, home is family. Home can be family but not necessarily. The feelings that occurred around family consisted of love and comfort. I 've only ever been around family during big holidays, but when friends are also present, the feeling of love and comfort comes to join me once again. Sometimes being at peace with myself can feel like home. Home should not have to be associated with one specific person, place or

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