Argumentative Essay On Video Game Violence

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Videogames and violence have always been a controversial topic but the argument has always been misconstrued in favor of the idea that video game violence affects youth, when it does not. This simple little thing really is a complete injustice and is completely unfair for the videogame industry, as parents demand they stop making violent games and this is simply trying to silence an artistic medium. It is just insane how much flack a company will actually get for this stuff and it 's stupid. We as a people need to say that enough is enough and that we need to stop all of this protest against violent video games. First thing is first, violent video games do not make serial killers. This is simply just a false statement. In fact violent video …show more content…
This is true yes but what most people who do not play video games do not realize is that the typically competitive nature of typically violent games is very clear. There 's even a whole subsection of the gaming community called esports that praise this competitiveness and play electronic sports, which is pretty much video games. These are not games played by a single person but multiple people all going head to head to win the game either for themselves or their team. These teams even amase large audiences typically in the millions to watch them. Does this sound familiar, because it should. This is very similar to the competitive sports teams of today. Both have a lot on the line when they play a game and as such they get stressed because of this as well as the competitive nature of the game itself. All those negative nancies out there must be asking “what about single player games.” Well they are competitive as well believe it or not. Weather the fight is against the struggle of committing a horrible act or the fight against a hard boss people get aggressive and emotion when in a tough situation. Video games being all that they are, stem most of their fun from this feeling of challenge and that is where most of the aggression comes from. One can be playing something as relaxing as farmville, a game in which you tend to your own farm, could start pulling teeth because they need just a little more money to build the next barn they need and overcome that challenge of not having enough space on the farm. Lastly one might say “Then wouldn’t all games lead to more aggressive people as all games have potential to make people aggressive.” The answer is a resounding no. In fact people play games to let out said anger most of the time, venting only helps, not to mention that violent video games help with this more as stated

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