The Importance Of Venus Figurines In The Prehistoric Period?

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Women have always had an important role in this society either as a companion, worker, nurturer or child-bearing. By being a life-giver, women have a special and important role in the community, not only in the 21st century but since the beginning of time. In the Prehistoric Period, more specifically in the Paleolithic Era, people seem to acknowledge this because anthropologist have found a great quantity of Venus figurines form this period. Venus Figurines are small statuettes that resembles the female body with slight differences. These statues have enlarged breasts, swollen abdomen, and large buttocks, most of them or at least the “Venus” of Willendorf had the face covered and both arms and legs seem to be cut in half. Women from the Society from the Prehistoric Period seemed to be the ones that make sure to provide with fruits to eat, heal the injured and the sick (Maybe priemer parrafo) For the Prehistoric Period people these figurines most probably were a representation of a pregnant woman, seeing at how the most predominant and noticeable things are the breast, the buttocks and the abdomen. For …show more content…
We have our own rituals or traditions to get somethings or to feel more confident about what we are going to do. Not only for the marriage and family area but for school, work, sport, new year, etc. We have our own religions or beliefs, or at least a great quantity of people does, to help us go through some batches. We are still those individuals, but with different perspective. When I see a Venus Figurine, I see an obese woman, whose face and probably soul doesn’t matter, but her body as a life carrier do. But I also recognize that for the people who created it, it goes a little more than that, also work related, future related. Something we still do,

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