The Importance Of Vegetarianism

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"Nothing will benefit human health and increase the chances of survival of life on Earth as much as the evolution to a vegetarian diet", says Albert Einstein.Vegetarianism has become more and more popular over the years go by. But is a vegetarian diet or a meat diet better?. It would free up 33 million km squared of land used to raise livestock. That would mean many things. The land used to raise livestock would become a grassland or a forest and counter global climate change. There are many more factors to what a vegetarian would really do but, why is it so important that a vegetarian is critical to us humans? Well, a vegetarian could mean many things such as alleviate world hunger and save lots of water, it would also help out the environment and reduce …show more content…
66 million primary school children go to school hungry. 23 million of those children are in Africa. Inadequately nourished children may suffer from difficulty concentrating or lowered immunity. Growing up hungry has negative effects that last a lifetime. One out of six children—roughly 100 million—in developing countries is underweight. There are162 million stunted children and 51 million wasted children because of undernourishment. Both increase the risk of disease and death. Poor nutrition affects the physical and mental development of young children, particularly those in their first 1,000 days, from pregnancy to 2 years of age with life-long consequences for individuals, communities, and economies." Children are getting affected physically and mentally by hunger. Kids that go to school hungry have a more difficult time of concentration and their immunity is weaker than full and not starving kids. Undernourishment occurs when one's body does not sustain enough nutrients. This may lead to the cause of diseases and even death. As the quote said before, hungry children are affected physically and mentally. Children are suffering

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