The Importance Of Vegetable Diet

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Improper diet has been identified as a main culprit why the child has a relatively weak immune system, bad mood, insufficient sleep and loss of concentration. Similarly, adults are facing the similar dilemma when they’re not living in a balanced and healthy diet. Additionally, the combination of high salt, high sugar, and high fat, generally, has brought negative impacts by damaging their brains and organs in an extreme extent, until one day they find hard to recognize or distinguish what is bad and what is good (quoted from my previous article entitled The Secrets of Youth, Health and Longevity: How to live healthily to 100 or beyond). This situation is further coupling with worsen sleep condition and pressure of life, making them prone to …show more content…
Vegetable soup contains more cancer-fighting phytochemicals
We all know that eating green leafy vegetables can prevent us from getting cancer. A research from Japan shows that eating cooked vegetables rewards our body with more cancer-fighting phytochemicals as compared to if we eat raw vegetables. The research points out that our body assimilates this anti-cancer substance better from the cooked vegetable than the raw vegetables. When the cooked vegetable soup is taken, our body can effectively assimilate 10 - 100 times of this anti-cancer substance.
Vegetable soup helps to neutralize and eliminate bad radicals
Colon cancer, in most cases, is due to too much intake of lean meat and high-cholesterol foods. Over time, it can progress to the formation of unknown tumors that further deteriorates our health.
When the substance from the lean meat called “heme” reacts with the oxidised cholesterol substance (via a process called lipid peroxidation reaction) from the high lipid foods, it leads to the formation of bad radicals. These so called lipid peroxide radicals are the same group of free radicals which can harm our DNA gene by stimulating the growth of cancerous cells. Not only these radicals will cause cancer, but also they cause the aging and the hardening of the arteries (arteriosclerosis). As a result, our health drops well below the
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Of course, eating raw fresh vegetables reward your body with more nutrients than cooked vegetables. However, eating cooked vegetables, particularly having cooked vegetable soup is more beneficial to our health. You may look at me and wonder why. Perhaps, you may feel disbelief on me.
Well, let me explain here. When you eat raw vegetables, the cell wall (the outer layer of the plant cell) will trap the anti-reactive oxygen species substance from being assimilated by your body. This anti-reactive oxygen species substance will later dump as a waste substance to be excreted together with your feces. When the plant is heated, its cell wall is destroyed and this anti-reactive oxygen species substance is released for your body assimilation. The release of this substance helps to neutralize toxins, chemicals and radicals in our body before eliminating them via our excretory

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