The Importance Of Various Professionals Working Together Aimed At Improving Hilda 's Wellbeing

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This case involves various professionals working together aimed at improving Hilda’s wellbeing. Hilda’s has a memory lapse and needs care. We are required to assist Hilda with her health and social care needs. Therefore, Hilda requires various health and social care services to better her health. A care provider is the main point of contact for Hilda once her care has been arranged.
The Case Manager is the care coordinator and works closely with the care provider. The care manager will need to coordinate all the care services required for Hilda to achieve better quality of life.
As a GP, my main goal is to provide Hilda’s holistic care needs and make sure Hilda is safeguarded throughout her care. In the case of Hilda, her eating habits have been altered. Hilda doesn’t eat regularly as before and as a result of her memory lapses, she may fail to take her medication as required. I and other healthcare professionals are working together for the best interest of Hilda with a goal of assisting Hilda to achieve better quality of life.
According to the General Medical Council (GMC), as a GP, I will first access Hilda’s care needs and involve other professionals (Multi Agency) with the aim improving her wellbeing. More so, I will develop a treatment plan. In addition, it is my responsibility to identify any risk Hilda may be exposed to at present or in future.
Legislations on Safeguarding Vulnerable adults’ play an important role when planning care for Hilda. This involves…

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