The Importance Of Values In Social Work

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According to Thompson (2009) social workers are unavoidably facing challenges of dealing with value issues when working with individuals. Social work is involves working with people, which makes values and ethics paramount in this profession. Values are vital part of the process of achieving goals and outcomes to improve well-being of individuals, which make it possible to evaluate progress and review practice, if necessary. According to Beckett (2009) it is important for social workers to understand the meaning of values which are concomitant with making choices.
The Code of Professional Practice for social care workers in Wales was created by the Care Council for Wales (CCW, 2016) to govern and give practical guidance to anyone who chooses
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They both provide the definition of social work as a profession that promotes social change, aim to solve problems in human relationships and empower and liberate individuals to enhance their well-being. It state that this can be achieved by utilising theories of human behaviour and social systems. Furthermore, it explains that Social workers should respect and promote individual’s rights and dignity by allowing them to make their own choices and decisions provided the choices do not threaten the rights, safety and interests of others. Lastly, social workers should promote social justice by challenging unfair policies and practices that discriminates and threatens the progress of individuals (IFSW, …show more content…
These values will act as a guidance to social workers on how to remain professional when working with individuals. Banks defines values as beliefs about what is worth or valuable to people. However, when it comes to professional practice, ‘belief’ indicates that values go further than just preferences or opinions. Banks associates professional values with ethical principles and suggest that professional values are shared by all professionals, whereas personal values can be seen as an individual’s beliefs. Furthermore, she raise an argument that ethical principles provide legislation and guidance on how individuals should be treated. Standards for Social workers and relevant legislation including the Human Rights Act 1998 which is incorporated in the European Convention of Human Rights (ECHR) (Commission, 2000). Article 2 till 14, excluding 13, of the Act promotes a right to life. It protects and respects family life and freedom of degrading treatment while the Social Services and Well-being Act (Wales) 2016 provides the legal framework for improving the well-being of individuals and their carers and transform social service in Wales (CCW, 2016). Furthermore, Section 62 of The Care Standards Act 2000 also state that the Welsh Council is required to produce codes of good practice for social care workers and for employers of such staff. (Legislation,

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