Performance Management Program Analysis

The value a performance management program brings to the organization is resolute, however, let begin with the process, first area of the performance management program is the planning stage, which is vital to the business success; it comprises the vision, mission and otherwise out of the box philosophy. It tells the direction you want your business to go, alternatively if you’re not certain where you want this direction to be, then your efforts are without significance. Therefore, the planning will define precisely where it is you want the business to go.
The next step consists of monitoring in order for your performance management program to be successful HR must closely monitor. This process entails monitoring every department and employee
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Incentives all employees must be rewarded for exceptional performance on the job, with this your employee will feel valued for their performance that will reflect upon the success of your business.
Incentive can range from financial incentives, and or company recognition, these steps will enhance company morale, and employee satisfaction while increasing production that will get you that much closer to the company objectives, making use of an incentive programs will aid the organization successful as well (Obero & Rajgarhia, 2013). Discussion of the various performance management programs your considering can help your confidently make your final recommendations.
There are several performance appraisals that organizations may incorporate, here we will for a moment discuss three of them360-degree, MBO and rating scale, while giving a recommendation which would fit with the organization
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The goal must have clarification in order to yield the desired outcome, therefore using SMART=specific, measurable, achievable realistic and time bound, the employee goals must be in line with organizational goals and the employee performance (Kondrasuk et al.,1984)
Rating scale appraisal is designed to highlight the employee character using a points system, what are measured are the employee cooperation, communication skills, leadership, and competence based on the businesses need. Advantages of using the rating scale there 're standardized and structured, to compare and contrast, simply for the entire organization, and very popular.
However, the downsides to this appraisal type it doesn’t fit all job types; because it is standardized does it have relevance in some jobs and not others. Rating scale and the character it measures leads to only the inclusion of performance are accurate at best and the unconnected signs are exclusive, overall the rating scale is biased in gaging the employee (Anchor North and Associates,

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