The Importance Of Using Critical Thinking Skills As A Tool For Professional Performance

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When I watched the lecture video, I was inspired, and I begin to ask myself if I was a peak performer. The lecture used several definitions to describe the peak performer, and there were several that I found striking. First, peak performers finish what they start, despite the challenges (Bethel University, 2013). Having this quality as a Bethel student is necessary because there will be challenges. I think peak performers have made a decision before starting a task that they will finish or meet their goal no matter what challenges come their way. I reflect on some of the problems I faced, and I see how I handled the situation like a peak performer. I was able to meet these challenges because I felt responsible. Bethel University (2013) talked about peak performers being responsible and not …show more content…
The textbook discussed the importance of using critical thinking skills as a tool for self-assessment. Until my enrollment at Bethel, I have been using some of these methods; only I did not know the name for it. A blessing I have experienced is a promotion at my place of employment. I remember my first professional position at nineteen; I was promoted within six months. I believe I was promoted because I used critical thinking skills. First, "consider the source of your information" (Bethel University, 2013, pg. 7). As a new employee, I realized that some employees were negative and may not have my best intentions in mind. When I was promoted and called to lead a group, I always placed myself in my team member 's shoes. Before making a decision, I would consider what the other person was thinking or feeling, and how my actions will affect that person. I wanted to ensure the person took responsibility, but I had to make sure my approach would give that result. In those times when that did not happen, I had to reflect on my actions and think about what I could do

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