Benefits Of Unpaid Internship

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Unpaid Internship Is Worth It Internship is an efficient method obtaining work experience only leading to strong resume for graduate job applications. Internships have significantly become a reputable stepping-stone to employment for student or graduates to kick start their careers. However, some internship is done without being paid. Hence, how do we decide whether an internship is a respected opportunity or new age slavery? In order to gain success, especially in architecture field, one has to be really devoted in the field. Sacrifices – for example, time, energy and money – are due as proof and ticket to fruitful achievements. Even though unpaid internship sounds like an unprofitable and harsh days with numerous coffee-runs in the office, …show more content…
Architects enter design competitions, undertake unsolicited projects, and write blogs and design for families. Architects are obliged to treat each opportunity as tough it will; called the long play. So, why would intern – including architects – are willing to work for free? This is because architects are a bunch of devotedly passionate people, even with minimum payment or doesn’t make money at all. Forget about free work, architecture is a field where abundance sacrifices – time, money, health, you name it! – are made to satisfy the needs of architecture. This is somehow an act of volunteerism. Hence, unpaid internship is another form of voluntary act as long as employer-employee relationship is observed. Unpaid internship proves to future employers that the student is truly dedicated to learn the skills required to succeed in architecture field. It measures the level of patience and sincerity to learn. Interns who are willing to work despite the minimum pay has the chance to run free and gain voluntary educative program for higher education sector, in other words, to work voluntarily means to have extra knowledge support for their education. Unpaid internship isn’t about not getting paid for doing works, because when a person agrees to perform work on volunteer basis – again, as long as employer-employee relationship is well-kept – the practice is not …show more content…
Probably because due to its demand that interns are expected to fund their own accommodation and bills, which means only for students from well-earned family could afford. Unpaid interns also tend to assign to do non-architecture tasks like running for coffee or perhaps getting zero payment reduces productivity and commitment. Somehow, it is the question of self-driven moral of both interns and employers; to give out the best the interns have and to train them as much as possible. One of the ways to make unpaid internships fair and just is to include practical training as part of graduation

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