The Importance Of Unlearn Common Sense Ideas

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It is necessary to unlearn common sense ideas because holding on to those ideas can impede progress. I had a history professor who would become agitated whenever students would respond to a question with “it’s always been that way.” Statements such as that imply that things can never change and that things have always been the same. Both points are wrong. Accepting the status quote as some immovable force prevents you from becoming an advocate for change. The earth being the center of the universe was considered “common sense” until disproved by Nicolaus Copernicus (Berger 2010). Albert Einstein once said that common sense is the collection of prejudices acquired by the age of eighteen. It is important that educators help their students develop …show more content…
Common sense ideas can seriously impede learning. Children should be taught to draw conclusions using reason and elements of the scientific process. Personal experience should not be completely discarded but used in conjunction with reason. I would combat the proliferation of common sense ideas in my classroom by teaching critical thinking skills. According to Linder Elder, people who think critically “attempt to live rationally, reasonably, empathically [and] are keenly aware of the flawed nature of human thinking when left unchecked (Define Critical).” I would instruct my students to examine the reasons behind things such as economic disparities, discrimination and current events. Cause and effect are extremely important in understanding things that might appear to be long-standing. I would explain to my students who have doubts about their ability to succeed based on their socioeconomic status the concept of social constructs. As human beings, we live in the physical, natural world and the non-physical world created by humans. Ideas such as race, gender and religion are all social constructs. Social constructs are concepts created by humans to categorize one another by what they are not. It

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