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The university time is a special phase in each student’s life, not only in that they can learn more specialized and advanced knowledge here according to the majors they chose but also because it is right in the college campus they get themselves ready to step into society and make contributions to its development. From the moment we entered into the university gate, we should start making plans for the next four years of our college lives, and try to be become a fully developed college student considering all aspects of the definition of success. To all students, academic performance should of course be the top priority to them, yet since college students shall participate into social practice the moment they graduate from college, they should …show more content…
For some students, to be a successful college student means to learn required lessons, to pass the tests and finally to obtain the college degree. They take learning as a negative process and even just a compelling tool to achieve college degrees. There are also some students who think quite the opposite, they firmly believe in the saying “where there is a will, there is a way”. They take this attitude into their study and ignore other things around them. However, we also know there’s a saying: “All study and no play makes jack a dull boy”. What our society requires are well-rounded graduates. In order to get balance between these two extreme attitudes, we need to perform the following two points: firstly, we must always bear in mind that good result comes from honest and diligent work. In order to successfully graduate with decent grades, one should attend class on time and participate actively in classroom discussion. Taking the process of study as an enjoyment. Studies have shown that students who came to class well prepared and ask questions turned out understand the learning materials at a much deeper level than those passive and silent students; Secondly, with classmates, teachers and libraries, college has advantages in academic resources in ways that far overweight other resources that we may encounter in the future, we should really grasp this point and make full use of it. Make good balance of your …show more content…
College period is crucial for a man not only because he or she can learn specialized knowledge here but also because it can equip a person with necessary social qualities that are required for being accepted and becomes a member of it in the near future. First of all, as a member of a group we all need accompany and friends, friends especially from college can be of great importance in our future lives. So be careful when choosing your friends in college, try to make friends with those who share the same goal with you towards life, who can keep you focus and strong during the process of achieving this goal and with whom you can share each other with real comfort and accompany instead of indulgence and abetment. Secondly, Communicate. Try to keep constant communication with your professors and classmates who may allow them discovering your personal strengths and weakness you may not know and value the preciousness and honesty of their suggestions; Thirdly, get yourself involved in the campus life. There are many student activities in college, for example, various student unions and associations, debate, drama, dancing ball... etc. Taking parts in these campus activities can help students making new friends as well as practicing social skills necessary in getting a job successfully after graduate. As we all know working is a team work and no one would hire an employee that can not even

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