The Importance Of Unfair Trade

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Register to read the introduction… Labor is a resource that we all have the ability to contribute to, we must simply be willing to put the effort in. Labor is used to harvest, refine and combine natural resources in a manner that may be used. The mental side of labor is just as important as the physical side because it is the thought process of how to remove, improve and keep the personnel safe while doing the manual labor. In the past labor has been deemed so important that people thought it was ok to force people to do it and now there has been machined created to do it. Below is a graph that shows the amount of people that participate in the labor resource around the world (business insider, 2012). No matter how it gets done Labor is a resource that will always be …show more content…
Fair trades are when things that have an equal value are traded for, but an unfair trade is when an item of high value is given up for something of a low value. Generally, most normal traders are looking for a fair trade but, sometimes traders take advantage of others desperate situations. Unfair trade can be defined as using various deceptive, fraudulent or unethical methods to obtain what they want. This is done when a few traders realize that some people will trade away some of their most valuable items when they are in need for the basic necessities of life such as water and food. Even thought, this practice is unlawful and morally reprehensible traders still seems to do it. The United States and created multiple laws such as the Pennsylvania Unfair Trade Practices and consumer protection Law. This law was placed into effect due to protect against blatant harms against the consumer (wolf, 2014). Below is a chart that shows the inequality in the pay for the labors that create the products and the Traders who sell the products from 1970 to 2010. This inequality is attempted to be combated with the minimum wage laws. In the end, For trade to work traders must come to fair agreement with their labors and other

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