The Importance Of Two Evils Of Hillary Clinton

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A bellyful of cold diarrhea after a night of fish tacos served out the back door of a Las Vegas whorehouse is more appetizing than either 2016 presidential candidate.
The office of the Presidency of the United States of America has always been, and will most likely continue to be, a reflection of what this great nation wants its leader to be in 2016.
A short analogy:
Consider that in 2008, the United States was reeling from the presidency of George W. Bush, a man with feigned a southern drawl and “down home” naiveté in order to set the USA on a course with disaster. At the end of his Presidency, the pendulum swung in favor of a man that spoke with academic diction.
Enter Barack Hussein Obama, a president that I actively helped to become
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America has whittled away all of the lesser contenders. Between Hillary R. Clinton and Donald J. Trump we are left to choose between the lesser of the two great evils that are the distilled, refined products of all of the worst qualities that our government and private sector businesses has to offer.
If I am to choose the lesser of two evils I will choose the evil that brings about the most change and chaos, even if that is the greater of the two evils.
Why not Hillary?
Hillary Clinton, if elected, will maintain the status-quo. As a product and beneficiary of the American political machine, she was bred to maintain it at all cost. Her entire career has been a cacophony of pernicious foreplay that, if left unchecked, will consummate in her coronation election as president of the United States of America. She will be a four to six year Band-Aid that will patch the system well enough for it to shamble along, but not nearly well enough to fully heal.
That’s why I am voting trump.
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We have people of all colors and religions becoming allies and choosing to take not a single step backwards in an effort to take their well-deserved slice of the American pie, we have mounting evidence exposing the systematic corruption and abuse rampant in Law Enforcement, and we have a Trump vs. Clinton war that has exposed the weaknesses that need to be repaired in our election system.
Hillary Clinton will slow down the process and return us to a low-hum.
Donald Trump will accelerate the process of forcing America to re-set itself with a greater sense of growth and honesty after a screaming symphony of blood, metal, and political missteps.
I want to hasten this inevitable process on as close to my own terms as will most likely ever be possible in my life. Consider these: the rate at which Native/First People are still trying to avoid becoming totally extinct as a result of a generations-long genocide campaign brought against them, Black and Brown people still being murdered indiscriminately, and a rainbow of innocent children being poisoned, things may not get better before they get worse. By helping to usher in Donald Trump, the pain may become greater for all Americans, not just the marginalized ones. We may, as a nation, all be on the same side for

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