Gone Too Far With Triger Warnings

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Trigger Warnings Many students believe a professor should warn students about content being taught in the class that might offend the student, these are called trigger warnings. Do trigger warnings do a service for the student or a disservice? Triger warnings do a disservice by limiting the student’s right to acquire knowledge, limiting others’ rights to gain knowledge and denying the student’s ability to participate in academic discourse. Students believe trigger warnings do them a service but, how are trigger warnings a service when it restraints the student’s right to acquire knowledge? The purpose of going to a university is to gain knowledge but trigger warnings limit the material being taught. Mark Bloomberg states in his speech, On the Repression of Freedom of Speech, “not to teach students what to think… how to think” (Bloomberg 50). Universities are meant to teach kids how to think but trigger warnings limit the different types of perspectives a university can give to the students, affecting the amount of information the student absorbs. The professors at the university will now only be able …show more content…
When a student denies his or her ability to learn material because of his or her past experience, it affects the other students as well. The professors will not be able to teach the material to their students. Jill Filipovic says in her article We’ve Gone Too Far With Trigger Warnings about how trigger warnings “should concern those of us who love literature” (Filipovic). What Filipovic implies here is how one of the victims of trigger warnings are books. Those who love to read books will be affected because trigger warnings are banning certain books from colleges and school districts, limiting the books an individual can read at school. This affect the other student’s education and right to acquire knowledge by limiting their right to gain

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