Psychological Disorders: The Cause Of Depression

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Depression is a psychological disorder where the person feels multiple emotions such as guilt, worthlessness, and hopelessness for a period of time exceeding 6 months (Barlow). People who suffer from depression develop an unhealthy thinking process. Some thinking processes that tend to alternate includes difficulty focusing on a task, concentrating, inefficiency in memory, and in extreme cases suicidal thoughts. Depression can also affect your physical health such as trouble sleeping, lack of energy, and changes in weight. As a matter of fact, multiple studies have been done in order to discover what exactly causes depression. Individuals who suffer from depression in majority of cases suffer a severe drop in motivation to achieve their goals and succeed in …show more content…
I experienced depression in my years of high school. In my first year of high school I was what many would call a good student. I got excellent test scores, never ditched class, and turned in all my work on time. However, starting sophomore year, I took advanced classes and the increase in difficulty caught me completely off guard. I began feeling as if I was playing a game of cat and mouse with my grades and I could barely keep up with the mouse. At every turn, the mouse eluded me and I continually fought to try to keep up. At the end of the year, I barely managed to get a passing grade in my advanced classes by the skin of my teeth. It was during this time, that I realized that I was just average when it came to my intelligence. As a child I had dreamed of becoming a doctor. However, that dream shattered into a million peaces as I realized that with my level of intelligence

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