Maintaining Relationships Research Paper

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These days break ups and divorces have been very common. Some people take separation easily while some people find very hard to get over it. Thinking of happy, healthy relationship is not enough, you need to work for it. Nothing comes for free, even a true love. It does not mean that you have to pay to get true feelings, but you need to put your effort to nourish it. To maintain your relationship you need to consider many things. Some of them are discussed below:
1. Take it slowly: If you love somebody or someone loves you, just don’t go crazy over being in a relationship without think about the future. Take time to know each other, take everything slowly. It’s better to be late than nothing. Try to find yourself right one, which is the
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Respect each other: Respect each other’s feelings, emotions, likes, dislikes, jobs, relatives; everything related to your partner. Usually, guys need to put this thing into consideration. Guys, they will be cursing around with their friends, saying whatever they like, not thinking about what their buddies will think and so on. It is not going to work with your girl. She needs to respect verbally, physically, every other way you could. Both men and women need to respect each other’s space. Respect your partner when you are with your or their friends and family. Do not look down on your partner.

3. Don’t try to change your partner: If you can, change yourself, but if you really love somebody don’t try to change him or her. If both of you will try to change each other, the relationship will be a big mess. If you don’t like what your partner does or who he or she is, then you are not in right relationship because in true love you always accept your partner for who they are.

4. Understand each other’s differences: Two different people meet and start, the most intimate relationship together, devoting their whole life to each other. Of course, there will be differences. You have to understand that and act accordingly. Get comfortable with each
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Hold your anger: Anger is a relationship killer. If you are extremely driven by your anger, you need to seek help for your anger management because your relationship will not work. Even if it works you will be hurting your partner, and pain is not something to want to give to your beloved ones. If you are angry for some reason with your partner, do not talk to him or her immediately because anger makes you say or do something bad or rude you don’t want to. First of all, calm down your anger, and then talk to your partner in brief about that thing.

6. Keep it interesting: Give your partner enough time they deserve. Don’t ruin your romantic moments with cell phones or any other social media. Even if you are a good cook, go out for dinner once a week. Take a vacation with your partner every now and then. Keep memories of how you guys first fell for each other. Talk about your past romances and plan for the future. Just try to keep everything interesting.

7. Don’t blame each other: You are responsible for your own happiness and sadness. Blaming something on partner not going to make things better, it will make stuff more worst as well as your relationship. Whoever makes mistakes sought it out together, it’s just like helping each

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