The Importance Of Transition In Special Education

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Student will define transition goals related to competitive or supported employment postsecondary education and training, independent living, and community participation.

Transition in special education is the method used for students and their families to plan their life after school. Also, they identify their plan for work and school experiences to assure that the students get the knowledge and skill they need to achieve their goals. Transition is simple, but carrying out the process can be difficult as the school, student and parent try to put together the appropriate combination of services. The Disabilities Education Act includes transition components in order to prepare students with disabilities to get the services they need to
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By using a formative evaluation, the school is provided information that can be used as feedback to modify teaching and learning activities. The No Child Left Behind (NCLB) act requires that all students participate in assessments and accountability in order to ensure that schools are held accountable for school’s achievement in student success. To ensure this, the school has adopted a self-study in the program. The conscious decision to use the formative evaluation through a self-study is that it aids by helping steer the program in a more directed vision. Information gained by the study would help to eliminate preconceived notions or biases, level the playing field, and foster consensus perhaps making it easier to decide the areas and direction to lead the school with a plan. The self-study can help be the proof that the problem does exist and can provide initial assistance in correcting …show more content…
The evaluation was performed on the students as part of their regular class work and activities. It was randomly administered twice a year that it has existed. All students and families were encouraged to fill out the assessments as part of their studies, giving the final results to the author at the end of each semester. Results were, therefore, found to reflect that the support and approval of the students and teacher were an important factor. Another rationale to using this type of evaluation is that the author needs to build on the program to make it better. Results needed to be demonstrated by the students graduating as independent as they are capable of being and success at finding a job. A formative assessment provides evidence of student learning wen learning can still be

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