The Importance Of Transcendentalism By Ralph Waldo Emerson

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Ralph Waldo Emerson was a great believer in the idealistic movement called transcendentalism. In many of his literature works, Emerson includes transcendental thoughts, such as in one of his essays from a collection of essays, Self-Reliance. In that essay, Emerson emphasizes the importance of individualism when he said not to “seek for things outside of yourself” which means that each person should trust themselves and their intuition and to not go searching in other people for that (Emerson 19). Emerson also goes to explain that “envy is ignorance” and “imitation is suicide” meaning that trying to be someone else rather than your own self is a tragedy.
“What I must do is all that concerns me, not what the people think” ( 23).
Everything I
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Those people, who rely on others thoughts, aren’t exercising individualism because they are obtaining orders from someone other than themselves. This could be at school, at work, through social media, or television. I believe that children my age and younger get influenced heavily specially in school since most of our time is spent there. An example on the school situation would be a young girl wanting to be a mechanic but all the little kids at school telling her that that is a boy’s job. I’m not indicating that school is a negative place but rather influential. That little girl constantly planning to be a mechanic in solitude, but changing her thoughts around other people. I can relate to this quote because I have different opinions than what the majority of the people in my school have, and I just maintain my opinions to myself. What this quote is really about is about seeking solitude to hear your own ideas and thoughts because when you enter the world, society, you get persuaded with rules or …show more content…
I believe that you should not depend on other people to create your own happiness. Nothing will bring you delight better than yourself or the realization of your accomplishments on both minor and major goals. This quote indicates that you should live by your morals and the principles you believe in and exercising those morals will generate bliss in your life. I attempt to remember this everyday those morals that my parents have taught me, for example, staying humble and being kind to kind people. The most important principle that my parents constantly instill in me, is the requirement to work hard to accomplish my goals, to have a satisfactory and adequate job, so I don’t have to go job after job or have a dull, tedious job. I will live by my principles and exercise those principles to be satisfied. This quote can relate to people who are in the process of establishing a higher quality life for

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