The Importance Of Training Statement

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I am writing this letter to provide feedback on training I received at your company. As an entry-level employee I received training to better familiarize myself with your standard operating procedures, chain of command, and the technical aspects of the job. There were many positive and constructive elements to the training I received. However, there were some parts that could use improvement. I’d like to take this opportunity to outline my training.
The training I received did an excellent job at pointing out the importance of every single service employee. Services marketing and people go hand-in-hand. Because services are part of the “people business” the service provider becomes inseparable from the customer (Fisk et. al 2014,
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It states what that company aspires to be. It is possible for individuals to have vision statements as well. For example, IKEA’s vision statement is “to create a better everyday life for the many people.” Their vision statement shows what they aspire to be, a company that is viewed as having the comfort and interests of people in mind. It aims to be the people’s champion when it comes to DIY furniture.
A mission statement lays out what the company is currently tasked with doing at the present time. This statement is often much more specific, and reflects the values and ethics of a company. For example American Red Cross’ mission statement is “prevents and alleviates human suffering in the face of emergencies by mobilizing the power of volunteers and the generosity of donors. That statement reflects the more specific aims of the organization.
If we are all on the same page, and understand the differences between these things, we can provide better services to our customers. Customers who have a positive experience at our store will be more likely to spread the word about their experience. We learned that word-of-mouth communication from loyal customers can be the most beneficial advertisement available, since it is real and unfiltered (Fisk et. al 2014, p.
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The example everyone knows is Walmart. They are able to be low cost leaders because they have extensive and effective strategic planning processes in place, such as strategic store locations, widespread distribution centers, and controlling purchasing costs for their goods. Another example is IKEA. They have made themselves a leader in the furniture industry by being cost leaders, and also by differentiation. They are able to keep their costs down by offering bare-bone customer service. They are not in the business of delivering furniture, or having a lot of extra fringes. The focus is solely on their stylish furniture, which has to be assembled by the purchaser. Cutting costs in these areas allows them to sell their product for low

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