The Importance Of Training For The Job Training Essay

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On-the-job training can be considered effective since it generates quality and unique goods and services as a result of process efficiency and effectiveness; subsequently, factors such as time accuracy, optimal resource utilization, good work, workplace safety practices and good customer service can be expected. A well-trained human resource is an imperative to both productivity and the survival of any organisation; therefore it is important that organisations attain efficiency by training, developing and retaining valuable employees: the costs of recruitment and training of new elements can be avoided. Another advantage of training is its relationship with service and product quality. On-the-job training provides the employee with the knowledge that improves his or her performance. As staff performance is enhanced, the overall performance of the organization also improves; in line with this argument, Rothwell and Kazanas (2006) observe that training not only influences the outcomes of the process, but is also critical in cost saving during the process; as a consequence of employee training, the level of employee turnover is reduced. On-the-job training is also important to train and develop the managers and supervisors of within an organisation given the event that most managers are appointed as a result of their skills and expertise in their own job functions, which is often premised on their trained capacity in terms of the knowledge and experience to manage subordinates.…

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