The Importance Of Training For An Organization Essay

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Organizations and firms focus and spend more time and money in training their employees with the belief that it will give them more completive in the industry local and global. Selecting right employees for company is not easy and doesn’t guarantee they will perform effectively if a firm doesn’t do the employees orientation which gives new employees about company’s information such as email access, personnel policies and benefit they need to function. It does not only help them to function effectively, but also help them feel welcome and at home and part of the team, or firm. Employee’s orientation also gets the person in to the firm’s culture to doing things. Training becomes a strategy when it takes account long-term organization goals and objectives. Moreover, training is importance because of increasing the organization commitment, improving job performance, developing interpersonal skill, creating an interesting and challenging environment, helping reduce costs in the secretariat, developing creativity and problems solving skills, etc, according to The firm needs to ensure the training effort translates into improve performance. For example, Macy’s CEO turned to the new strategy. Macy’s installed a new training program which “workplace learning and performance” rather than just watching 90-minutes interactive video as they previously did. With the new training program, the CEO believed it results customer service improvement that would be a…

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