The Importance Of Training And Development Programs Essay

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What differentiates a great organization from a good one is human capital, and differences in training levels have been found to be a significant factor that separates rich and poor countries. A successful economy is possible through a workforce capable of operating industries at a level where it achieves a competitive advantage over the economies of other countries.
The most vital asset of every organization under dynamic competition is its human capital, and that is why training has become an important factor in the dynamic competitive market environment. Organizations investing in effective training and development programs for their human resource achieve both short and long term benefits, and countries investing in training programs increase the level of the market’s overall performance. Analysis
In general, the Lebanese labor market is characterized by low activity and employment rates, a low contribution of women to economic life, a large informal sector, a high influx of foreign workers, and a large number of skilled Lebanese people seeking and obtaining employment abroad. To a large extent, training is the most widely used type of publicly provided active labor market program in Lebanon. However, public provision is fragmented and poorly regulated: delivery schemes, training curricula and certification are not harmonized across the agencies providing training programs. A substantial problem regarding to youth unemployment is the length of time they spend…

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