The Importance Of Toys In Toy Story 2

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Register to read the introduction… This is sure to hit home to most of the audience, as many of them have grown up with the franchise and are now standing in the same shoes as Andy is; on the brink of adulthood. Unlike the first two movies, Toy Story 3 deals with Andy’s childhood coming to an end, and as a result, his toys no longer being needed by him. This, along with some of the characters, i.e. the scary looking baby doll, causes a somewhat dark and melancholy mood that lingers throughout the film, giving it a kind of film noir feeling. Like in the last two movies, a major story line of Toy Story 3 is the toys getting lost. But instead of trying to do all that they can in order to make it home as they did in 1 and 2, Toy Story 3 focuses on whether or not they should try and go home, being that there will be no one to go back to. Throughout the film, Woody is the only one who insist that going home is the only option they have because they are Andy’s toys. The film is about the consequences of disloyalty, and giving up on an imperfect relationship in order to go off and find something that is better. It is the story of a group of toys trying to live up to their responsibilities and deal with change. The toys have to deal with the fact that Andy is going to college without them, leaving them without an owner, and to a toy, not having an owner is the worst thing that can happen to

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