The Importance Of Toys In Children

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When walking into a daycare, adults might see a frenzy of children in various stages on the emotional scale with one being endless giggles and a ten being a horrifying mental breakdown. Then more times than not, a few of the kids are covered in very questionable substances. However the parents of these children may overlook the life altering objects that assist their children in developing skills they will find useful throughout their lives. These magical items are commonly known as toys. As children grow, they encounter intellectually stimulating toys that help them learn skills that will positively benefit them throughout their lifetime. The fascination children have with toys start when they are infants. There are many different forms of …show more content…
More times than not, the go to distractions are toys, whether it is a stuffed animal, a doll, or some noisy piece of plastic. With babies, a good way to keep their attention is through noise. “Musical toys are a good way to keep babies focused, but it also does something else. Musical toys are very helpful in teaching children, especially babies, the idea of cause and effect. As babies manipulate musical toys, they develop their cognitive and emotional skills (The
Impact of Toys on the Learning Process).” For example they learn that by pushing a certain button, a fun noise will come out of the toy. They start understanding how cause and effect work, without actually knowing what cause and effect is, like one would later learn during school.
“Musical toys can be created from simple household items, such as bottles, cooking pans and cardboard boxes similar to store-bought toys (The Impact of Toys on the Learning Process).” For babies, everything is either edible or capable of making noise, and there for should be eaten or slapped. From an early age, children are introduced to toys, which mean the learning process starts at the very beginning of their life. “Toys recommended for children from birth to one are
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All the while stimulating their brain and helping them understand more about life.
A third known advantage of toys are the emotional benefactors. The form of play that develops a child emotionally is known as Expressive Play, which helps children learn to express their feelings. “Toys that encourage expressive play can be materials such as paints, crayons, colored pencils and markers for drawing pictures or writing. (Research in Early Childhood
Development).” Toys that allow creativity are best in cultivating emotional progress.
It seems that the emotional benefits are quite extensive. “Emotional self-regulation
(impulse control) is developed through social play (Contributions of Play and Toys to Child
Development).” When kids begin playing with others, they at first may be a bit aggressive. Kids slowly begin to learn proper etiquette when it comes to other people. It is first introduced when kids begin having play dates. “Playing with other children reduces fear, anxiety, stress, and irritability. It is known to create joy, intimacy,

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