Movie Analysis: Toy Story

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Stories remain as a vital part to society and culture since ancient times. They can be told in many languages and in many forms. In present time, people are drawn more toward visual entertainment, through mediums such as television or video games. It follows a story through the plot of the show or the developing adventures of video game characters. However, stories are generally expressed literarily through text. Throughout one’s life, it becomes inevitable to run into a classic short story or two, most likely through exposure sparked by a local english teacher’s curriculum.
Oftentimes, one can draw connections between different stories; people can try to connect the world’s of different characters by drawing on the similarities of their settings. Other times, people connect the stories based on similarities between characters and imagine a family tree connecting the stories, despite their distant timelines. This practice is often encouraged because students learn by drawing connections. In fact, doing so can even further the understanding of the stories and affect how the student sees the characters and themes. It’s sort of like developing a different view on the movie Toy Story 3. When the movie first came out, I was young and I
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Her talents give her strength and she begins her story with high self-esteem. One day, a conman arrives in his distinctive vehicle to ask if she has any broken pots. The man controls his words well and convinces Elisa to give him a pot and some chrysanthemum roots, as well as a few wanting looks. After the man leaves, Elisa prepares to go out to dinner with her husband. She sees her precious chrysanthemums scattered in the road after being carelessly tossed for greedy intentions. Elisa ends the story in tears, unhappy with both her life and the disappointment that her symbol of hope for change delivered. She feels weak and ends the story with low

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