The Importance Of Tourism In Turkey

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Register to read the introduction… The culture of Turkey is a blend of Asia and Europe. This makes Turkey an attractive tourism destination to the tourists. Despite Turkey is a major attraction for tourists it has lost many visitors due to instable political situation. Turkey has a blend culture of Asia and Europe which made it one of the most popular tourist destinations in today’s tourism world although they have lost some handsome amount of tourist recently because of the recent political instability. Tourism industry of Turkey contributes a lot to its economy since 1990’s due to a massive growth of inbound tourism.
Turkey often faces natural calamities like earthquake. The geographical location of Turkey is in the epicentre of a fault line series caused by three major plates the Arabian, African and Euroasian, of the Earth’s Crust. In the twentieth century the frequency was the most and by this time Turkey faced 16 devastating earthquakes (Ambraseys and Jackson, 2000). More than 100,000 life casualties were caused and huge devastation of infrastructures was caused.
The earthquake in Izmit took place on 17 August in the year of 1999 which was measured 7.4 in the Richter scale. The total infrastructure both residential and commercial was
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The media persons and journalists were invited by the government to ensure the real situation of the tourism sector in Turkey to make a positive impact in traveller’s mind (Beirman, 2003). the strategies adopted by the Turkish government was proved effective and it was also proven true in the year 2000 as the highest number of tourists travelled in Turkey that year (Beirman, 2003). Turkish tourism industry also revealed a new logo in the year 2000 focusing on the diverse nature of Turkish tourism attractions (Beirman,

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