The Importance Of Tipping In The Service Industry

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My grandfather didn’t believe in tipping people that work in the service industry. He believed that people got paid to do a job, therefore tipping was unnecessary. In theory his beliefs make sense, but after almost a year of working in a restaurant, I find this to be untrue. No matter how terrible the service, you should always tip at least ten percent. Your waiter or waitress lives on their tips. Most servers get paid minimum wage, and have no chance of getting a raise, besides the mandatory minimum wage increase. Even working forty hour weeks, minimum wage will not cover the bills. In the United States, people in the service industry will make below minimum wage because they make tips, so the government allows wages to be lower. In the United States, the average wage for a waiter or waitress is three fifty an hour. Tip aren’t only for the waiter or waitress, in most cases, ten percent of the tips will be divided among …show more content…
Poor service can be caused by being overworked, due to long shifts with limited break time, or people not showing up. Bad service could also be due to poor management. When a manager can’t pick up the slack that is caused by people not showing up, or exhaustion, the whole restaurant will suffer. Sometimes people won’t leave a tip because the food is below par, but that is not a reflection of the service that you received. It is rare that bad service is due to the waitress or waiter being bad at their job. Tipping was originally meant to be a kind gesture that was not necessary, but tipping is now considered an obligation. Businesses have recognized this, and in some areas have brought down wages. The tips are also dispersed among the entire staff of a restaurant. When a server has a bad day, it is often not a reflection of their skills. In conclusion, please tip your waiter or waitress at least ten percent, if not more. It may be the difference of them paying rent or

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