Integrative Theories

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According to (Gelso, 2006), a theory is a statement of some expectation whether factual or assumed that exists between two or more variables. Even though theories vary in levels of abstraction, the goal for researchers should be to make them explicit so that they can be empirically tested for validity. A theory should go beyond the propositional level and further explain why variables relate to one another (Gelso, 2006). Theories serve certain functions and those are descriptive function, delimiting function, generative functions and integrative function (Rychlak, 1968). The descriptive function serves to explain or describe a phenomena, and the fuller the description at giving the causal explanation of phenomena, the higher the explanatory …show more content…
The delimiting function serves as a window of what can be looked at and seen (Gelso, 2006). After describing what causes a phenomena and placing limits to what can be looked and seen, a theory serves to generate ideas to be investigated further. Theories that generate more ideas have a high heuristic value and stimulate investigation that leads to not only leads to development of a clear testable hypothesis but also validation of the theory and constructs (Gelso, 2006). A good theory also serves as an integrative function. They integrate diverse proposition and constructs from different time periods to give a coherent unified picture (Gelso, 2006). In sum of the above principles, a good theory should have practical relevance in its field and also benefit …show more content…
(Wacker, 1998), states the importance of theories to both researchers and practitioners because they provide a structure to analyze areas where differences of opinions lie. On the other hand, (Llewelyn, 2003), states that theories are not just an academic approach, but rather are used in everyday life when confusing and contradictory situations confront people to determine next course of action. He advocates that people use theories on a daily basis to establish coherence and balance so that when life throws puzzling situations, people will withstand them through

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