Women's Rights Speech

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Listen up ladies! I 've got some great news. Are you tired of constantly being told what to do and having no say in decisions? Well you might want to continue reading, and see what happened yesterday in the Supreme Court! History has been made! The name of the woman who is responsible for this is Jane Roe and she just made an important step forward in the women 's rights movement! Roe is a single woman from Texas who is pregnant, with a wish to terminate her pregnancy. In Texas there has been a criminal abortion statute since 1854, but this case changed it. The statute states that it was a crime to “have an abortion or to even attempt one, expect for the purpose of saving the life of the mother.” Roe was unable to get an abortion legally …show more content…
Women have the right to decide when and whether or not they want to become mothers. Women no longer have to deal with unwanted and poorly timed pregnancies. I think that one of the most basic freedoms is for a woman to have the right to control her body and decide whether or not she would want to bear a child. She is the only one that determines if she is strong enough when dealing with the emotional, physical and economical circumstances. The only person who can understand what the pregnant woman is going through is herself; she feels guilt, anxiety and is fearful because she is contemplating between what society believes is the right thing to do and what she wants to do, which is extremely frustrating. Now she has that right to decide on her own. Women now have increased opportunities for advancing in economic, political and social aspects. Women can now go out into the work force and do not have to worry about being pregnant and having to leave work. They do not need to be the stay at home mom with children. Staying at home limits a woman’s potential and limits their possibilities. Women are not happy with their current lifestyles and it’s degrading for them. Women do not want to have the same routine every single day. This case allows women to have more rights, including something that is extremely private. This brings women’s equality on a political and personal level. Women will keep moving forward because now WE have power over our own bodies and no one can tell us what to do with it. As a society of men and women, we need to break away from the stereotypes that say that all women must be stay-at-home moms and housewives. The Roe v. Wade case has paved the way for women’s rights in America. Way to go

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