Decreasing Military Budget

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The United States military is known throughout the world. The problem here at home is the amount of money that the military is spending annually. The only way that congress wants to fix this is to dramatically decrease the size of the military, and reduce the overall troop counts. The United States’ military budget cuts are necessary if the number of soldiers is not decreased.
The U.S. spends the most money on its military, and the overall size of our military is enormous. The United States is currently not in time of war. The air campaign against ISIS is not considered a “war”. Since the early Obama and late Bush periods the budget is actually down 200 billion dollars. (.6II/I) The United States spends more money on our military than
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The United States is cutting troop numbers massively. There are plans “to cut troop levels to pre-World War two levels”. (3(IVD) The Tomahawk cruise missile is a Cold-War weapon system. The Tomahawk cruise missile is still being used today by our navy. The number of Tomahawk cruise missiles purchased is being cut to only 90 this year. During the air campaign in Syria President Barack Obama used nearly 120 of these missiles. This was the navy’s go-to missile. The number of deployed soldiers is being greatly reduced, this is probably because the U.S. is not currently at war. Currently we are “poised to dramatically reduce our military presence in Afghanistan by 2016”. (3(IVD) “The Army, already on a path to its smallest active-duty size since before World War Two, will be cut to about 420,000 soldiers.” (6(IVA) This is a really small number of troops. The number will probably stay the same if not lower until the United States engages into another war. The U.S. navy is also very small right now. “With the U.S. navy arguably at its smallest since 1917, we don’t have many ships that are actually at sea, and only 35% of the Navy’s entire fleet is deployed, fewer than one-hundred ships.” (3(IVD) This is good for the budget because “in 2014 overall military spending did decrease by 6.5% as a result of budget cuts.” (8IVA) The budget cuts that dramatically decreased the size of our …show more content…
Since the U.S. is not at war it only makes since to decrease the equipment being purchased and fewer deployed naval ships. There is no current need for all this new equipment and weaponry that take up the military’s budget. The reason the troop numbers are being decreased is because our government is thinking that if we have less troops we don’t have to shell cash out to pay them. This is wrong. This means that the soldiers that are being cut are our out of a job, and no job equals no salary or income. Many soldiers have families that they have to care for and support. When they get out of the military it is difficult for them to adjust to military life and find civilian job. This actually hurts our economy, but the budget is still smaller than before. The reduction of expensive weaponry will very well help lower the budget and not leave soldiers

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