The Importance Of The Ten Commandments

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It is my opinion that posting the Ten Commandments in public places is in the least, inconsiderate to those who are not Christian and does in fact violate the First Amendment. The First Amendment explicitly allows for the freedom of speech, but also for ones religious beliefs to not be impeded. It is my belief that confusion lies in the fact that one has the ability to believe and follow and religion they choose, but by forcing another person to abide by your religious beliefs, you are interfering with the foundation of the First Amendment. The Ten Commandments are, in general, a list of rules that Christians believe God himself created and handed to Moses, so he could spread the will of the Lord. As the question stated, those who are in …show more content…
For example, in Buddhism, there is a passage in the Wasala sutra that states; Having much wealth, if one does not maintain, his/her parents, know that s/he is an outcaste (Seelanada.Why). What this means is that it is a child’s responsibility to treat your parents right and support them later in life, emotionally an fiscally. The sixth Commandments is also applicable to traditional morality rules as well, stating that one shall not murder. It is safe to say that this belief has carried through time and space. It certainly applies to modern day society, where if one murders they will be punished regardless of their religion. The justice system (in the US) is non-secular and deals with crime without looking in a scared text for answers on how to deal with a perpetrator. The seventh Commandment states: One shall not commit adultery (Bible.2016). This is applicable to most religions, particularly ones who bear “modern ideals”. By this I mean that there are some regions that consider a women to be a lesser being than a man, and that a man can act on his own accord without consequences. Regardless, I would agree that this Commandment is is applicable to most modern societies who believe that both sexes are equal. The eighth and ninth Commandments

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