Emotion Control And Management Research Paper

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Emotion is a strong sentiment of any kind that you feel about someone or something. On the other hand, state of mind is refer as feeling. It either gives pleasure or disturbance to you. Among the negative states in the list of human emotions are anxiety, doubt, apathy, anger and feeling worthless etc. Joy, love and feeling courageous are some of the beneficial to the state of mind. Your sensation does not happen at spur . It starts off from thinking, mind images and self talks. What you witness, listen to or sense inside causes your feelings. What is happening around you is only a spark off. You may have seen an episodes or condition that occured in your past and it give impacts to you. You then relate that intuition onto any new situation …show more content…
Emotion may give pleasure or disturbance. Anxiety, doubt, apathy, anger, joy, love and many more emotion contribute to the state of mind. Sensation does not happened in sudden. The reason may be due to mental capture thoughts or monologue. Something you see, hear or touch ignite the feeling inside you. In past, people go through rough or even joyous moment gave some impact on you. Your feeling sometimes override your rationality.

Awareness is the first clue. Keep an eye on and examine it. Once you monitor, you have the option either to stay out of it or keep it. You may not want it to come again and bugging your life.Explore your mind. Whenever an internal picture forms in your mind, your body response to those feelings. However there are slim chance to tell in which way your body 'feel'. When you are aware of your thoughts and images, and before you begin to feel the consciousness, deform the images and the voices inside your head. How? Just take a look what you are doing inside. Or you could try play around mentally. Your focus will split. Your feeling will change. Your brain can do so many wonderful things. By repeating something over and over again in your head, different images and sounds will be

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