The Importance Of The Spanish Language

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I spent a huge portion of my childhood listening to my dad yell at the T.V screen. When he wasn 't watching baseball, we were at every practice, every game, every tournament. Being the coach 's daughter meant that I was there with my dad through everything baseball- the teeth clenching, heart beating out of your chest games; the jumping up and down screaming wins, and the silent, still losses. Baseball is my dad 's everything- he grew up playing, and has coached full or part time for nearly 20 years. When I was eight years old, I asked my dad why baseball was so important to him, and what he told me has stuck with me since; "Emma, I hope one day you find something to be as passionate about as I am baseball." The day I sat in my first Spanish …show more content…
Everything about the language was and still is so fascinating to me- the way every conjugation falls into a pattern, the way accents sound, how words flow together and the way R 's roll off my tongue.
The Spanish language truly is a magnificent one. My love of the language changed completely when I took my first AP Spanish course last year, when the world of Hispanic culture was introduced to me. It was like falling in love all over again, in a new way. The history, art, music, literature, architecture- it is so incredible to me. Through actively taking Spanish classes for 6 years now, I can 't imagine the language not being a part of my daily life. This passion for all things
Hispanic has set me up for some big goals that I will achieve- firstly, to become fluent in and get a major in the language, and secondly, to use my knowledge of the language and my privilege of being bilingual to help educate students who are learning English as a second language. It is my dream to live or study in Argentina one day, and I really feel that being a part of advanced placement classes for Spanish language, literature, and culture has opened these doors to me by introducing me to
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Many students take foreign language classes because it is required. For me, foreign language has opened up a whole new world of career options, travel, and people to meet. I generally only speak Spanish with some of my employees at the restaurant I 've been working at for the past year and a half, and through the language I have been able to meet some pretty cool people who have some pretty cool stories to share. Opportunities like this, being able to communicate with people I 'd never even thought to before, reinforce the importance of knowing a second language and using it to build relationships and to grow as an individual. One cannot change the world without seeing the world. Not only have my academic activities inspired me to discover the Hispanic world, but they have made me realize that the world is so much bigger than Frisco, Texas, and that there is so much to learn about everything and everywhere. Foreign language has made me realize that there is so much to learn about the world, and it has made me passionately curious to know it all. I consider myself lucky to crave to be educated about the things I do not understand. I consider

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