The Importance Of The Space Exploration Program

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There is a widespread belief that NASA is struggling to maintain funding to accomplish its mission, but there might be hope through the political process within Washington that NASA will gain what is needed to press forward (Leahy, B., 2006). Consequently, what would it take to continue our planetary exploration agenda? The values behind the space exploration program in the United States is undermined due to the funding required to maintain the program with the public sector. The cause of this relates to poor budgeting relating to congressional restrictions for the program. A unique solution to address this concern would be to divide the funding and research equally between the public and private sector to better manage the program. Understanding …show more content…
For example, according to Magnus, S. (2016) “The changes taking place in the space industry are driven by the belief that we are ready to commercialize space, to create an ecosystem in LEO [Low Earth Orbit] that thrives without being sustained primarily by government dollars”. Therefore, NASA believes the private sector will lessen the expenditures needed to maintain their intention of understanding the universe. This might be due in part to the private sector being well suited for manufacturing key components at a cheaper price which NASA needs to continue their objective. Furthermore, lessening the constraint on funding placed by congress. Consequently, according to Chandra, D. (2016) “On the off chance that a private undertaking falls flat, it 's rival can venture into filling the hole and the motor of private endeavor can keep on pushing a man into space”. Thus, illustrating that with the private sector, NASA can remain steadfast in their mission knowing the likelihood of failure is dismal in a best case scenario. Therefore, allowing NASA to continue to achieve better funding from congress. Furthermore, with the private sector maintaining the LEO (Low Earth Orbit) allows humanity to continue understanding earth and the benefits associated with the planet. For example, the private sector’s research furthers development in medicine, and according to Dunbar, B. (2015) “Throughout its assembly, the space station has supported research that is providing a better understanding of certain aspects of human health, such as aging, trauma, disease and the environment”. As a result, allow NASA to better support their astronauts during their journey to Mars and subsequently lengthening life for the average

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