The Importance Of The Senior Year Of High School

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“Don’t worry, your senior year is the easiest of the four” my brother insisted. “You can skip as many classes as you want, it’s like the teachers don’t even care”, Jordan said. “It’s like your grades from senior year don’t even count”, my older cousin reminded me. Going into senior year, I had so many expectations of the perfect last year of high school, based on what I was told from previous seniors. Turns out, half of what I was told was not true. Based on my previous experiences, I can say that while senior year may be a time for making memories and having fun, it is also a time to stay focused, and prepare for future plans.
Believe it or not, your senior year of high school is not just candy canes and gum drops, it is a time to focus on
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An over access of stressing is not healthy; especially when you are a high school senior getting ready to graduate. Grades are important, but they aren’t everything. Believe it or not, after high school, real life begins. Most students move away from home, and some are even cut off from their parents. Why not have fun while you are still your parents’ responsibility? In high school, your biggest worry may be “How am I going to pass this test tomorrow”. However, in college your biggest worry may be “How am I going to pass these three exams tomorrow”. I would not say drink your life away, or smoke all your brain cells out, but have fun. I regret not having as much fun my senior year as I could have. I did not participate in much extracurricular activities besides volleyball. I feel like I should have definitely participated in other clubs and organizations, such as student council or Future Business Leaders of America. I also remember stressing way to much about receiving a high ACT score, or stressing over receiving a B instead of an A. Basically, have fun before you become a broke college student, who stresses about …show more content…
Between those hectic schedules, be sure to make memories. As mentioned before, some students attend colleges that are good distances away from home. Whether this is you or your friends, you probably will not be seeing much of each other so it is best to spend as much time together as possible. Also, even if you are not going to a college miles away, your schedule will be really busy. This means that it will be tough trying to run home to spend time with your family, or even to play a video game with your little brother. My little sister constantly calls me to see if I can come pick her up to go watch a movie or something. I feel terrible when I have to tell her I cannot spend time with her because I have to study, do homework, or run errands. Now I’m wishing that I had the opportunity to spend moments like that with her last year. Make memories with the ones you love and take plenty of picture in case you find time in that hectic schedule to reminisce.
While some of what I was told about senior year was not true, some of it was. For example, it was the most fun year of high school, we did receive more privileges than the
Underclassman and just the overwhelming feeling of graduating always excited me. If I could go back to my senior year and change anything, I would have loosened up a little more than I had. I believe that senior year is what you make of it; I just gave you tips on

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