The Importance Of The Scripture Study

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The subject I chose to focus on for this theme is becoming better at applying what I learn from my studies. I wanted to gain more out of my scripture study than I have been recently. Like other young men and women, I returned from my mission and found it difficult to focus on improving myself spiritually as I went back to school and “re-entered” the real world. I have a great desire to study the scriptures rather than simply read them. As I have thought about this project I’ve been reminded of the meaning of the principle of obedience. We are not to obey the commandments because they are set rules, but because we are to live joyfully through them. Reading the scriptures became a task I could check off, not something that I looked forward …show more content…
Each time I read the scriptures I try to apply the experiences and circumstances to my own life. I can relate all that I read in the scriptures to something in these latter days if I put forth effort. When prophetic teachings are more relatable they become more meaningful.

This skill is one that will take a lifetime to develop. I have much to learn and apply. With that being said, I always feel great peace in my life as I think more deeply about the Lord’s teachings. I have been reading in the New Testament and the corresponding student manual recently. I have tried to consider how lessons Christ taught in His ministry relate to our time. People had different lifestyles in Christ’s time, but we face similar problems. Spiritually the world is in a great state of apostasy. When viewing the New Testament as a story we find many antagonists. We face similar antagonists in each of our lives, yet we face them
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It is not only applicable as I study the scriptures, but as I make decisions based on what I know and believe is right. I began to learn on my mission to live the gospel each day and I will continue to do this. I have begun to think more about my future as a husband and father recently. As I try to apply the teachings of prophets in the scriptures and in these latter days, I know I will be blessed and be prepared to become who God wants me to be. I find it hard to focus on God every day, but I know that as I more readily turn to Him things will improve. I want my children to love and embrace the gospel. I want them to love and apply the scriptures in their lives. I understand that it is my responsibility, along with my future spouse, to teach our children by example. As I improve my ability to apply the scriptures to my life I will be blessed in many ways, as will those around

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