The Scientific Method

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In this day and age, numerous politicians form absurd ideas that do not bring benefit to this country, the worst part about this is that some of those ideas get turned into laws. The laws formed are often detrimental and promote wrongful acts such as inequality. This problem could be significantly lowered if government were to use something as innovative as the scientific method to help solve societal problems in the world. The scientific method is a systematic way to collect significant data and it contains several steps to help one in doing so. The first and most vital step is to make an observation, in order to begin this process an observation needs to take place, whether it be noticing something peculiar or being curious about an unresolved …show more content…
Three examples as to why the scientific method would work can be shown using the controversial topic of inequality of gender, education, and wealth. Firstly, if the societal problem of the gender pay gap were to be resolved using the scientific method, government would first have to conduct research about people’s wages. This may require comparing different jobs, hours, and incomes. Next, they would have to come up with a hypothesis such as the main reason why it might be happening or what they can do to reduce the wage gap. After forming the hypothesis, government would have to test it by changing what it is they think is mainly causing the wage gap and observe whether that change was beneficial or not. Afterwards, government has to analyze the results to determine if that change was indeed the most suitable one. After this process it may be necessary to change other variables in order to determine what the best solution is. The gender wage gap would be better resolved using the scientific method because the government would better analyze the problem and after looking at all the evidence they would be able to backup their claims, instead of the situation today which involves politicians generating dubious claims with no evidence to back them up. The second example involves the topic of education inequality. Using the scientific method could resolve education inequality better than the present method because firstly, government would have to observe the topic and ask questions. Then, they would have to research the factors that lead to education inequality, such as, race, environment, and social class. Next, after observing they would have to decide upon a prominent factor to change that causes education inequality, such as insufficient income, this would be their hypothesis. After creating the hypothesis, government would

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