The Importance Of The Payage Gap Between Men And Women

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The current wage gap between men and women in America stems from the unshakable force of misogyny acting within the country. When the newest President of the United States of America received over fifty-nine million votes and used phrases that have been excused as “locker-room talk” during his campaign trail, there is a clear societal issue at hand. Horrendous remarks that marginalize women are just one display of sexism. Confining gender roles, unjust treatment, and sexual harassment are battles women face on a daily basis both in and out of the workplace. As America has moved towards modern times, laws and amendments have been created to break down these discriminatory societal forces. Yet, the pay disparity between the two sexes continues …show more content…
Within this training, officers will be educated on sexual harassment and the importance of being impartial based upon sex during the hiring process. Lowering barriers to entry for women is essential in destroying the pay gap. Men and women are often times perceived differently when asking for a promotion or a raise. In 2005, a study was conducted where clips of both men and women were shown using the same exact script to ask for a raise. Male viewers of these clips regarded that the men’s negotiating style was persuasive and smooth, while the women registered as too demanding (“Men Say”). It is important that the skewed perception of men versus women asking for a raise or promotion is addressed in this training. Corporate trainings may be a way to lower these barriers to entry and make it more fair for women competing for these higher positions and wages. Human resource officers will also need to require all new hires to watch a video regarding gender equality and respect in the workplace. Requiring a mandatory viewing of this video as part of the employee onboarding process and holding employees accountable to abide by these learnings will create a better work atmosphere for all employees, men and women alike. Implementing better business practices is crucial in order to fight the wage

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