The Importance Of The Palace Of Versailles Essay

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Many buildings come and go. They are erected fifty, one-hundred, or even a thousand years earlier and then torn down only to build another. Very few buildings have stories such as the Palace of Versailles. The difference of this building is that it was never torn down, but eventually helped caused the tearing down of an economy. This palace has a story behind it which includes a king who had expectations of the palace being a support for his country, but the kings that followed brought only the desired luxury to the throne and not the needed care of the budget provided to obey. Understanding the beginnings of the palace, explaining the importance of the palace at its full work production, and laying out the activity of the kings that followed it will become more clear how the activity in the Palace of Versailles caused a collapse in France. To accommodate a day of relaxation through hunting game, Louis XIII built a lodge in what would be the prime spot for what he would need on a day of from his royal responsibilities. The first day of use of what is today the Palace of Versailles was on March 8, 1624. King Louis XIII became more and more attracted to this retreat spot and meant it only for him to retreat to as his wife had only been recorded to visit the lodge twice. In the year of 1631 the king decided to add on to the place but nothing compared to the additions later put on. He had wings added on, small gardens placed along the building, and the pavilion enlarged by his…

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