The Importance Of The Nutro Project

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As most everyone knows, California is currently experiencing a severe drought; but, according to the Environmental Protection Agency, so is “over 36 percent of the continental U.S.” not to mention that “a fifth of the world’s [population], [that is,] more than 1.2 billion [people], live in areas of physical water scarcity.” Living in the United States, it can be easy to disregard a drought and the importance of water conservation because we always manage to obtain the water necessary to supply the population. Even with a slight price fluctuation, the difference is many times not substantial enough for people to think twice about their water usage. One of the biggest offenders of this are manufacturing factories. It was reported by the EPA that …show more content…
If we can learn anything from Nutro is that we don’t necessarily need new technology to ensure a water supply for today’s population and tomorrow’s, we just need to be smarter and more aware of how we do things and make adjustments when necessary. My proposition would require every factory in the state of California to design and carry out a similar project to that of Nutro’s. The Nutro project only took about 5 months to be completed and approximately $97,000 to carry out. In my plan, every factory in California would have 25 years to design and complete their water recycling projects. The savings reportedly gained should be enough of an incentive to motivate companies to make a change, but if they were to make a change within the first 10 years of the proposition being in action, they would receive a grant of $15,000 to help fund their plans. This grant would be composed of government money and donations given. After the 25 years pass, and if some companies have still not complied to the new regulations, those companies would be charged an extra 20% on every water related

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