The Importance Of The Moderator And How The Session Would Progress

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At the beginning of each focus group, I introduced myself; provided name badges for the group members; and explained the study’s purpose. After, I described my role as the moderator and how the session would progress. I reminded the participants about the digital audio recorders and that their responses would be assigned pseudonyms to ensure confidentiality. Then, I distributed consent forms and participant questionnaires (see Appendix A) along with pencils to the group. After collecting the completed and signed items, I provided a ‘definitions and key terms’ sheet (Appendix B) to each member. I also explained that there were no right or wrong answers and requested that they allowed others to finish speaking before interjecting. This would aid the recording, note taking, and transcription phases. After allowing time to review the definitions sheet, I began the discussion with the focus group guide including a semi-structured interview with open-ended questions, probes and prompts (Appendix C). These questions were intended to provide structure to the focus group without rigidly dictating its flow. I also included prompts, encouraging participants to expand on their original answers and followed up on concepts raised by the participants themselves.
Each focus group continued until the point of saturation or until new insights had been exhausted (Saldana, 2009). Lastly, to conclude each discussion, I provided a summary of the main points and offered the…

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