The Importance Of The Male Priesthood

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Male priesthood is the key to the power and influence of the church, as to where women are key to its organization. Women are the most active and visible participants and truest believer, nonetheless men are in charge of the ward to the family; denying women entry into the priesthood, thus not allowing control of their organization, told to be counselors, a secondary role to their husbands who are the head and providers of the family. Pressed to conform their motherly roles which is the most crucial and doctrinal role for women in the churches belief system. Between husband and wife marriage is God’s plan for the destiny of his children; loving and caring for each other and doing the same for their children. It is there duty to raise children of love and righteousness, provide for their every need, love and serve on another and follow the commandments. Held accountable, God has …show more content…
Available only in holy temples, their ordinances allow individuals to return to the presence of God and their families united for eternity; the holiness of life is important to God’s plan. In the church of Latter Day Saints ordinances are sacred rites and ceremonies, it is an act performed by authority of Gods laws. These ordinances include their faith in Jesus Christ, repentance, baptism by immersion, the laying on of hands for the gift of the Holy Ghost, and the observance of the Lord’s Supper each Sunday. Mormons believe in the gift of tongues and of interpretation of tongues, visions, prophecy and healing (Mead, Hill, & Atwood, 2001, p. 199). The plan of God is for all of his children to become godlike. This known as the plan of salvation giving life a purpose for its followers. It is believed that becoming of flesh and bone everyone lived as spirit children of God. Creating earth was his way of giving his children the opportunity to become of flesh, follow his plan and develop

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