Lincoln Standard Analysis

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The Lincoln standard written by David Brooks outlines the criteria for anyone who wishes to become a successful president. But it also can be applied to anyone who wishes to be in a leadership role within the world, or history. Adolf Hitler was histories top controversial figures in the 20th century, sparking war, and the depressing holocaust. How does Hitler hold up to the Lincoln Standard? Hitler had a vision from the inception of his beginnings in the Nazi Party, writing Mein Kampf would solidify his beliefs, in the superiority of the Aryan race, living space for the more superior German people, and the eradication of the “lesser races” (Jews, Gypsies, and Slavs). Hitler’s aim, and his belief system started at the end of the Great War, …show more content…
Firstly his vision was one sparked by nationalism, and would only work in a perfect world. He wanted to see the Aryan race and the German people on a higher pedestal than any other. The only way to improve this vision is to see that it never happened, as this led to the Holocaust and World War II which would end Hitler’s “empire” by 1945. Secondly his temper, while he was able to understand other people’s viewpoints he regarded his as the highest of them all, he’d disregard his general’s views on operations and choose to do what he wanted, a good point for this though would be his ability to keep calm at the sign of terror, while he would later outburst about it, his calm attitude allowed him to make decisions that only he could make. A way to fix this would have to be to trust his generals, and allow them total control over the operations he put them over. Lastly his strategy, like previously he should’ve allowed his generals the ability to do what they wanted and what they felt was the best way. While he was a political genius and was very well centered in doing politics, he was unable to effectively command his troops, leading to massive operational failures. Adolf Hitler failed because he did not follow the Lincoln Standard, he felt too high of himself, and wanted to see everything done his way. While he had early success this early advantages would end up becoming nothing but dust after the massive amount of failures by Hitler by the end of World War

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