Essay On Leader Member Exchange Theory

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when one group or employee feels as if they are being treated differently from others that are of the same quality, value, and knowledge level as him or her.
In applying the leader – member exchange theory, it must be noted that not all exchanges between a leader and follower will be positive; but having the majority of them as positive experiences, will lay the foundation for both to have an overall good leader and follower interaction. Furthermore, as exchanges between both parties increase so do the qualities of the relationship and the roles, influences and interests, all of which will benefit the organization and those vested in the organization. In addition, when investing in a special or personal relationship with all followers, there would be no room left for questioning where one or more followers stand with the leader, as all followers would be equal in the eyes of the leader. Leaders should also provide opportunities for new roles and responsibilities to all followers and ultimately cultivate a sense of respect and trust for all employees, making the organization one big group.
Behavioral Approach Unlike the Leader – member exchange theory where it involves the interaction of the leader and the follower, the behavior approach focuses more on the
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Ultimately leaders have to lead, they have to take the first steps and set the example. When leaders demonstrate sound judgment, put the follower’s needs above theirs, and go out of their way to reach out and connect with their followers they are creating a positive culture and inspiring their followers to be better followers and emulate their leader. It is imperative for leaders to create that positive atmosphere to maintain an effective and productive organization; if the followers are not appreciated then that will show in the productivity of the

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