Becoming A Nurse

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The quote of Maya Angelou, “People will forget what you said, they will forget what you did, but they will never forget how you made them feel,” is something for a person to ponder while they are on the journey to becoming a nurse (Angelou,2015). For someone whom wishes to become a nurse must realize that they are taking on a lifelong dedication to the service of others. Nurses are thought of in the same category as a physician or priest (Osler, 2015), and being the “heart of healthcare” (Donna Wilk Cardillo). The role of a nurse is to be the best nurse they can possibly be in any situation in every way. They are a walking poster board of what health care is, should be, and will be; by keeping this in mind it is a honor not to be taken lightly. …show more content…
The nurses I have held most dear are those from the New York Army Reserve. They are the ones that talked to me the most about my curiosity of becoming a nurse. The doctors and nurses of that deployment allowed me to observe everything that happened in the theater hospital. I was able to see firsthand the proper care and techniques of running a ward, ICU, ER, and surgery room. The great opportunities they gave me to learn will never be forgotten. It is my dream to be like they were, and I imagine still are today. Yet, my desire to become a nurse has also been inspired by my friends who have become nurses, and the nurses I meet along this journey. It is because of the nurses I have met along my life, my passion for helping, curiosity why things are the way they are, and the determination to live my dream is why I press towards this opportunity.
While attending this intro to nursing class I truly did not know what to expect. This class has taught me to grow in a positive light. The history of nursing is a wild whirl wind journey that gives inspiration along with information that will guide me. This class has given me a deeper look as to the many specialties a nurse has, and a great idea of how to become the nurse I desire to be. It has opened my mind to so many unique nurses that have come before me. By this realization I now consider nurses the tip of the spear in health care, and not only a support
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For me it is a life path that requires true self-sacrifice for others, and for me this is the greatest torch to carry. I strive to take every step one breath at a time while immersing myself in all the knowledge that is placed before me. The plans I have for my career are huge, and I plan on reaching every one of them. The first step is achieving a bachelor’s degree in nursing, then joining my brothers and sisters in the United States Army Reserve Nursing Core while building my civilian career as a critical care and surgical nurse, and after that I plan to transfer to mental health working with the Veteran Affairs assisting those that experience post traumatic syndrome disorder, hypervigilance, depression, anxiety, or any other distorted mental state. This is my goal, because I believe that this is where the strengths I posess will grow while being the most beneficial to those in

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